Service area

Service area


Rent A Bob takes you home safely in your own car! The only (last minute) designated driver service of the Randstad region! 


Rent A Bob has offices in The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam. This means that we have drivers leaving from these cities every night to help you on your way whenever you like.

From these cities and their immediate surroundings, Rent A Bob as a service range of approximately 100 kilometres (160 miles). As long as these drives start or end in one of these areas, our regular rates apply.

If a drive starts AND ends outside the immediate vicinity of one of our areas, Rent A Bob can usually provide the service, but will charge an extra fee atop the regular rates for the drive to cover for the extra travelling time the drivers need. Examples of such drives are: Hilversum – Bussum, Zoetermeer – Gouda or Leiden – Hoofddorp. If you would like to book such a drive, please contact Rent A Bob for the extra charges on 0900 90 90 888.


If you let us know well in advance that you need a driver for a larger distance, we will always try to find a solution to help you. It might be wiser perhaps (financially) to bring/get your own driver in such a case. You can book your private driver through our enterprise E-Drivers