Payment through Park-line

Payment through Park-line

You can easily pay for Rent A Bob service through your Park-Line membership. You won't need cash!

Rent A Bob clients can benefit from the cooperation between Rent A Bob and Park-Line by registering through this link. Park-Line charges NO REGISTRATION FEE, saving you 10,00 euro.


If you are registered with Park-Line, booking and paying a driver is the easiest thing in the world! Just text "BOB" to 4111 and you will get a phone call within minutes to settle your reservation. At the end of the drive, you will sign for the charges of the drive and this amount will be deducted automatically from your account once a month, together with the parking fee. Your Rent A Bob costs will be stated on the parking invoice under ‘chauffeursdiensten Rent A Bob’, alongside the date on which the service was provided to you.


With Park-Line you can start and end parking through your mobile phone. This can be done through a phone call, texting, mobile internet or through the Parking App. It saves you a lot of parking stress and you no longer have to cut off your appointments because your parking time is running out. Also, you won't have to carry change or head to the bank to recharge your chipknip. In addition, you/your company will only have to pay the actual parked time (for your employees). This could save you up to 20% in parking expenses. It is currently possible to pay with Park-Line in over 50 municipalities.