How does it work

How does it work


Rent A Bob takes you home safely in your own car! The best designated driver service of the Randstad region! 

Our service is perfect when you've had a couple of drinks and want to get home by car, but are no longer allowed to drive yourself. Instead of taking a cab and leaving your car behind, you will have your own car at hand again the next day!


You order Rent A Bob via the app and the driver will arrive at the settled location. You can hand your car keys over to the driver and he or she will drive you to your desired destination safely. Upon arrival, the driver will get into the car with his colleague from Rent A Bob and they will continue on to their next appointment.


Rent A Bob is the only designated driver service that has drivers working in the whole of the Randstad region, who are on call (even last minute) to get you safely to your desired destination. For the service area click here. 


Please take an arrival time of 60 minutes into consideration for the driver. Especially in weekends it is very busy at Rent A Bob, as you can imagine. You can book a driver up to one hour before closing time. 

Please place your order with our (free) app:



At Rent A Bob you can pay your driver via the App, iDeal or Tikkie or through Park-Line. Click here for the rates and opening hours of Rent A Bob. 


All Rent A Bob drivers are insured for any damage to your car (up till 6,000.00 euro). In case of all-risk insurance, Rent A Bob is insured against the deductible and/or relapse risk in no-claim bonus for a period of three years. All drivers also have passenger insurance ('SVI Collectief').