We prefer that you book a driver in advance. Preferably one day in advance, or earlier. We will then have a little more time to match you with a driver who can carry out the journey most efficiently. This is also the most beneficial for you.


No, it isn’t, but you will pay the regular kilometre rate plus a Corona surcharge of € 10. (The cost of this service is – due to precautions and restrictions – simply expensive at the moment. There is no other reason).


If you order a day in advance (on working days before 5 p.m.), we will match the driver who can carry out the journey most efficiently. We provide this driver on the basis of an hourly rate of € 27.77 (in VAT) per hour. 
This means that we do not use kilometre rates and waiting tariffs.
We charge the hourly rate because:
  • We really want to be of service to you
  • Corona has been troublesome enough
  • We prefer not to charge higher prices. For the majority of journeys, you will be cheaper off with a driver based on an hourly rate. There is no waiting fee. We only look at the total time the driver has been busy, including any OV trip.

We hope this will make you use the driver for the outward journey as well (see next point).


We prefer not to send our drivers to you by public transport. We therefore hope that you will use the driver (on the basis of € 27.77 per hour) for both the outward and the return journey.


Prior to the ride, passengers must be able to answer the following questions in the negative: 
  • Do you have corona now?  
  • Have you recovered from corona less than 2 weeks ago?  
  • Do you have one or more of the following symptoms: cold, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, tightness in the chest, fever (more than 38?C)?  
  • Do you have any housemates/family members with these symptoms/corona? 
Of course, the same applies to the driver.
The driver has been instructed – in addition to exceeding expectations – to follow the RIVM guidelines. This applies to everyone in the car. 
  • Disinfect your hands regularly 
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow 
  • Use paper tissues 
  • Do not shake hands 
In line with the RIVM guidelines and the KNV Taxi guidelines, we have drawn up the following guidelines: 
  • The driver will disinfect the car (door handle, armrest, safety belt, steering wheel, gear stick, etc.) before and after the assignment 
  • Passengers will sit (on the right) in the back
  • The passenger gets in and out of the car by him/herself (the door is not escorted by the driver)
  • The passenger places his/her own luggage in the car 
  • The passenger seat (front) remains empty
  • The driver will wear a mouth mask when there is more than 1 passenger on the back seat.  For the passengers, the wearing of mouth masks is strongly recommended and the driver can provide this on request. 
We hope that we can be of service to you again soon – and as safely as possible. 
Do you have any questions for us? Don’t hesitate to ask them via 0850443777 or [email protected].

"Drivers are on time and very friendly!"
Hetty Hof - van Munster
"After the football match I used your services and was brought home quickly and easily with my contacts along 🙂 #top"
B.J. Smittenaar / I am Luigi
"Booked a ride last minute. Quick confirmation by e-mail. Driver perfectly on time. Neatly driven. Super service, well worth the money!"
Richard Thoben
"Enthusiastic, professional drivers and organisation!
Sander Blom / Solimas Groep
"Neat guy, right on time :-)"
André Triep / Strandclub WIJ
"Very polite and very neatly driven!"
Kim van 't Klooster
"It doesn't get much better than that. The friendliness of the driver and getting home carefree after a night out."
Pieter Kroon / K&A Groep
"Efficient and competent service, both in booking and in execution".
Erik Teunissen
"Right on time, good driver and very friendly".
Johanna Blok

"Drivers are on time and very friendly!"
Hetty Hof - van Munster
"Punctual, well driven, friendly drivers!
Julius Jaspers / Chef kok
"Neat guy, right on time :-)"
André Triep / Strandclub WIJ
"Very polite and very neatly driven!"
Kim van 't Klooster
"Agreements are well honoured".
Rob van Etten / Toxozon
"I am excited by the flexibility".
Remco van den Berg / Hommerson

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